The Wholeness Tour Sponsorship

By The Mindful Soul Academy (other events)

Saturday, April 13 2019 10:00 AM 5:00 PM

The Mindful Soul Academy was established to create a safe online space for women to heal from their past pains so that they can break the cycle of shame and embarrassment and begin to lead a more happy, content and productive life. The founder, Suraya Sara, found that there was a lack of safe online spaces that served women who endured childhood trauma. Due to her own experiences of enduring years of overwhelming emotions, high functioning anxiety and depression, she decided to tell the world about her story of healing from sexual abuse in 2016. The moment she told the world about her abuse and self-healing journey, her inbox started to fill up with stories from women who have been suffering silently as adults. From that moment, she knew that she had to serve the women of the world to help them live a more present and contented life. With these changes, women become more confident in making life-changing decisions, they learnt to create safe personal boundaries and began to take full control of their emotional wellbeing.

Event Purpose

Although The Mindful Soul Academy creates online courses, the best impact made has always been during live events. When conducted in a group setting, women learn how to support one another and create lifelong friendships. Many don’t realise that their past traumas hold them back from living a fulfilled life. More often than not, many women that attend these events have had a difficult past that will surface in their adult life. Some women can manage their emotions that come up from their traumas but others do not have the skills to get them out of that dark place.

It is about connecting, realising what holds them back and letting it go. The women who have worked with The Mindful Soul Academy have seen tremendous growth within themselves and some have left toxic and abusive relationships in the process. They become better parents, more confident within themselves and begin to give back and help others.

The aim is to create a wave effect amongst women. To help them raise each other up along their journey to “wholeness”. The events created by The Mindful Soul Academy are to assist women to realise their full potential in this life. For them to know that their past doesn’t define them and that they can create their own future, on their own terms.

Event Details

Locations and dates:

Philadelphia (USA) - 13-14 March 2019 (Event will also be recorded for resale)

Venue will be disclosed closer to the event.


Suraya Sara - Founder of The Mindful Soul Academy
Halimah DeOliveira - Founder of BeYouInHD
Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins - Founder of Diggins Real Estate Group & Bounce House University


Women, 22-44, United States, employed or business owner

Why Sponsor Our Event?

The Mindful Soul Academy aims to reach at least 10,000 women on this tour (in person and online). This will be via online promotion, the live event and after sales of the recording. As these events will include other speakers with an established audience, The Mindful Soul Academy and their sponsors will be able to access a greater audience before, during and after the event.

Your organisation will benefit by partnering with The Mindful Soul Academy for their unique transformative events that change the lives of women all over the world. Our sponsors will have the opportunity to reach an empowered and diverse female based audience from different parts of the world.